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PDF: Breaking Free of Nehru* (3.4 MB PDF)24,098 unique copies downloaded 

(as at 21 November 2011), plus thousands more on google books, slideshare, and from numerous hosts across the internet

EPUB now available: (350KB)

Related material available below

1. Original Book Cover (Anthem Press 2008). This contains Gurcharan Das’s full comments (PDF):

2. Online Notes (supplement to the book). These notes are published online to keep the book short and crisp. (Word, 0.65MB):

3. The Discovery of Freedom  (Draft manuscript of my next book)I seek  your comments on this draft. (PDF, 2 MB or thereabouts):


*As owner of all copyrights since July 2009, I have decided to make this book available freely since 21 September 2009 in the interest of liberty in India.

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