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Breaking Free of Nehru has been reviewed in the media as well as by significant blogs, including:

  • Telegraph, Kolkata

    Sanjeev quit the IAS 18 years into it, went off to do a PhD in economics in the US, and has since worked in the Australian public sector. In all this, however, his gaze never shifted from Evolving India.

  • Bharat Times, Melbourne

    Heavily praised by Gurcharan Das, the author of India Unbound and former CEO of Proctor and Gamble India, who believes that this book ‘must be read by every Indian’, this indeed is a very important book that can potentially change India’s future. Half the book is freely available for preview on the internet.

  • India Link

    This is a book for those who love India and want to see it assume its rightful place in the world; even if one may not agree with everything the author says, one cannot doubt his sincerity and passion that shine through every page of the book.

  • Satyamev Jayate

    “Breaking Free of Nehru” can best be summarised as an “Ode to Freedom”. The book is heavily influenced by the liberal philosophy of thought, by thinkers such as Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman and makes a strong and compelling argument to choose “freedom” over “equality”. This to me is the essence of the book.

  • Reason for Liberty

    Sabhlok is one of the very few Indian authors I have read who has a reasonably good understanding of Free Market Economics. He points out with extreme clarity and precision that the legacy of Nehruvian Socialism has done incalculable harm to India.