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Published Dec. 2008

December 2008: Breaking Free of Nehru published by Anthem Press.

July 2009: After a successful print run, the author and Mr. Tej P. S. Sood of Anthem Press UK agreed over email on 9 July 2009 to "bring the contract for publication of this book in India or elsewhere to an end, without obligation." The author thanks Anthem Press for having published the book.

September 2009: Subsequent to all copyrights reverting to the author, a Google Books edition published in December 2008, including option to download. 

21 September 2009. Entire text made available free of cost on this website (with a slightly modified cover).

October 2009: Lulu edition released by the author (also available on Amazon)




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Reviews in the media

Breaking Free of Nehru has been reviewed in the media as well as by significant blogs, including:

(a) Telegraph, Kolkata 19 Dec. 2008

(b) Bharat Times, Melbourne Dec. 2008

(c) India Link, Melbourne March 2009

(d) Satyameva Jayate 12 June 2009

(e) Reason for Liberty 23 June 2009.

(f) Freedom First, Mumbai, 1 October 2009.

There have also been a number of comments (informal) by various people in the public domain: click here.

Oxford Bookstores bestseller
The book was apparently a best-seller for a while. In January and February 2009, The Statesman reported thus:  Jan. 2009 (11, 18 25) and Feb. 2009 (1). The Statesman has not updated book sales since then, so further information is not available. It is gathered from the publisher, though, that the first print run has almost entirely sold out.

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Sanjeev’s next book

Sanjeev is currently working on his next book, The Discovery of Freedom, a draft manuscript of which is available for free download.
The book Breaking Free of Nehru started its life as A Short History of Freedom in early 2005. It grew quite large so it had to be split into two. Breaking Free of Nehru is the first of these two books. The second is The Discovery of Freedom. If you download it, though, please bear in mind that it is not a finished product and will undergo significant modifications over the next year.
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